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How we Invest

Our Investment Approach

We follow a disciplined and rigorous Quality investment philosophy. We believe that superior risk-adjusted returns can be generated over the long-term by investing in high-quality companies, with sustainable growth prospects that are purchased at attractive prices relative to their intrinsic net worth.

Benguela Global Invest

Benguela Global Invest

Our Beliefs

Research-Driven: We believe that diligent proprietary research is at the heart of successful investment management.

Responsible Investing: We believe that incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into the valuation process enhances investment outcomes and reduces risk to clients’ capital.

Long-term Approach: By taking a longer-term view, we are able to identify and exploit profitable investment opportunities created by short-term nature of market sentiments.

Our Guiding Principles

We prioritise risk minimisation over the pursuit of reckless returns.

We seek to maximise our informational advantage through long-term focus and in-house research.

We are committed to responsible investing and responsible investing has always been a crucial component of our investment process.

Benguela Global Invest

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