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Benguela Global Fund Managers

Benguela Global Fund Managers was founded in 2013, by a team of investment professionals seeking to establish the epicenter of excellence in global fund management. We were borne out of a desire to create a disciplined, single-strategy, specialist asset manager. As a majority black-owned and managed investment firm, we are proud to be one of only a handful of South African investment firms to provide global specialist products to clients. This desire to build a global investment firm was motivated by both entrepreneurial and nationalist ambitions to see South African-owned global assets, particularly listed equities, managed successfully by a team of locals, representative of the demographics of our country.



The name “Benguela” was taken from the ocean current running up the west coast of Southern Africa. Despite the unpredictable and frequent volatility often witnessed on the surface of the ocean, the deep ocean currents continuously harness the volatility, delivering a predictable weather pattern over long periods of time.

As symbolised by the Benguela Current, our founding principles are premised on a deep-rooted Quality investment philosophy that seeks to achieve superior returns for our clients while avoiding undue risk. Like the Benguela Current that has local origins but global effects, we take a global perspective on companies and industries, which enables us to extract unique insights. These insights allow us to add value to client portfolios.

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